(Press Release 04/03/2015) HongKong2020 Proposal

(Press Release released on 4th March 2015)

Hong Kong 2020 fully shares the anger and dismay with which the 31 August 2014 Decision has been received by Hong Kong people, in particular younger and highly educated sectors of the community who are well aware that their freedoms, values and future way of life are at stake. We are nevertheless prepared to continue to engage in the consultation process.

If there is to be any possibility of obtaining the support of two-thirds of LegCo members for the method of electing the CE in 2017, the Government, with the support of the Central Authorities, must be prepared to recommend substantive modifications to the current proposals to ensure that the outcome of the CE election reflects the will of the voters.

In line with our previous submission, we propose that the following reforms be made to the composition and formation of the NC:

HK2020’s Proposal
HK2020’s Proposal (Attachment)

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