(18/6/2015 Press Release)Government and the Community Must Find Ways to Move Forward

18/6/2015 Press Release

HongKong2020 Statement
Government and the Community Must Find Ways to Move Forward

This is a moment for sombre reflection on the lessons to be learned from the events of the past 18 months. While we can no longer hope to achieve genuine universal suffrage for the election of the Chief Executive in 2017, this is not the time for the Government – or the wider community – to abandon all efforts for constitutional reform.

The Chief Secretary for Administration has rightly said we must strive for better communication, not confrontation; work to build trust rather than mistrust.  The Government should take the first step by establishing, as soon as possible, the platform for direct and open dialogue between all sides that was promised in the meeting between officials and student leaders during last year’s protests.  It is also important to establish an effective channel of communications between Beijing officials and Pan-democrats.   

The Government should also press forward with reforms to the method of electing members of functional constituencies in the 2016 LegCo elections and members of the sub-sectors of the Chief Executive Election Committee in 2017.  At a minimum, the reforms should include moves to abolish corporate voting and broaden electorates.

Such reforms have broad-based public support and can be implemented by means of local legislation, entirely within the power of the Administration to propose.  They would go a long way towards beginning to heal the wounds that have opened in our society and provide a sound basis for tackling important social and livelihood issues that have been casualties of the current political discord.

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